COVID-19 Stadium Initiative FAQs

Q: Please elaborate on the repatriation initiative that the Cape Town Stadium is helping with?
A: This is an initiative that is being run from National level whereby we intend assisting people from other countries who have been unable to return to their country of origin due to the lockdown implemented as a result of COVID-19.

Q: What is the Cape Town Stadium’s role during this repatriation initiative?
A: Cape Town Stadium will serve as an assembly point for foreign nationals who have been identified by their countries’ embassies to be repatriated. This is where these folks will be screened and processed prior to being bussed through to the airport for flights to their respective countries.

Q: Why is the Cape Town Stadium helping in this initiative?
A: The Cape Town Stadium is an ideal facility from a sheer size perspective. It is located ideally and has the necessary infrastructures in place to be able to assist with this sort of an operation. Furthermore, it is our view that COVID-19 can only be overcome if we work together. This is us doing our part to help beat this pandemic and to help return these foreign nationals to their countries of origin.

Q: Who are the foreigners?
A: These are people who have visited us from various countries and have been unable to return to their country of origin as a result of the national lockdown. This initiative is being dealt with from National and Provincial level and the respective countries’ embassies are arranging with our country to facilitate this initiative.

Q: Why only these foreign nationals and not others like the refugees in the CBD?
A: We are assisting National and Provincial Government to facilitate this process by offering the use of the Cape Town Stadium. This process is being driven by the respective embassies of the foreign nationals in our country who have been unable to return to their countries of origin as a result of the national lockdown.

Q: How many people are expected to be processed through the stadium?
A: It is yet to be ascertained how many foreign nationals will be processed through the Cape Town Stadium in an effort to assist with their repatriation to their countries of origin. However, the Cape Town Stadium is more than adequately prepared to assist in this process.

Q: Who is paying for this?
A: This initiative is being paid for by the home countries of these foreign nationals.

Q: Will we be bringing South African citizens back from whichever country that we are flying out to?
A: This is a decision that rests with National government and we are unfortunately not privy to that information.